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♡ Coconut Girl Outfit ♡

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If you only want the Shorts please wait until I publish them seperatly in a few days! ♥

• Top Mesh
• Shorts Mesh
• Necklace Mesh
• Belly Piercing Mesh
• 4k Textures made in Substance Painter in different colors

• is made on my small edit of Zinpia's Fit Base
• is rigged and pre-weightpainted to ZinPias Fit base
• 6,066 Tris
• 3 Materials

• Don't claim as your own.
• Don't resell the items on their own.
• Credit me when using.
• You can put it on a Model and sell it.
• You can put it on Public Models.
• Contact me first if you want to use it on a free Model.

DM me for more information Lolo#5454

I used my edit of Zinpia's Fit Base on the Preview Pictures.

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Coconut Girl Outfit! ♥


♡ Coconut Girl Outfit ♡

0 ratings
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